There are many streaming music services available to consumers these days with many of them offering similar features and music libraries. One feature that many people love is using the app on their TV as they have their high-end speakers hooked up to the TV entertainment system.

Until now users of Amazon Music have not been able to use the app on Google TV or Android TV but after two years without an update the Amazon Music app has been updated to include this feature. The app can now be installed onto the smart TV hardware and used natively.

For those who are unaware having an Amazon Prime subscription gives you access to some of their library, but you will need to subscribe specifically to Amazon Music to get access to their full library.

The rollout of the new feature is hopefully more softening of the large wall built between Google and Amazon a few years ago and the existence of a close competitor of Google’s on their platform hopefully leads to many more making their way from one platform to the other — Ring cameras on Google displays and in Google Home would be a nice addition for starters.

If you have an Android TV such as a TCL smart TV or Google TV device (Chromecast with Google TV) and use Amazon Music (or have a Prime account) head on over to the Play Store on your TV and install the app to enjoy some background music on the big screen and your best speakers.