Twitter has had a lot of unique features but these days social media offerings seem to be borrowing features from each other and now Twitter is helping itself to someone else’s ideas with their own spin. Today they have revealed new features coming to their platform — Super Follows and Communities.

Super Follows is a new payment feature which gives users the ability to charge followers to access to additional content. This additional content could be in the form of bonus tweets, access to a specific community group, a subscription to a newsletter or as little as a badge showing their support.

At this stage there is no indication of the pricing that can/will be set but Twitter did share a screenshot showing a user charging $4.99 per month which fits with other platforms and their charging for additional content from creators. This isn’t a surprise to see Twitter introduce something like this given that virtually all other platforms offer ways for creators to make money from their fans — plus of course it is expected that Twitter will take a cut as well.

The other feature introduced is a feature similar to Facebook Groups, such as The EFTM Man Cave, called Communities. Anyone can create their own groups around specific interests allowing users to share tweets to the group allowing members to see more of these related tweets on the topic the Community is based on.

There is no indication just when these new features will arrive in our apps given that Twitter introduced them as part of a presentation for investors. Hopefully they arrive soon so we can all gather in a Twitter-based EFTM Man Cave.