Google are continually updating Android to bring new features to users that will not only continue to make their devices safer but to make them more useful and more convenient. The latest update to Android will bring a new feature to Android Auto that will entertain while also helping you to keep your eyes on the road.

Google have rolled out several updates to Android Auto including the ability to change your wallpaper along with new voice-activated games. For those on a long car trip this may be one way to break up the monotony while at the same time keeping your mind fresh and alert.

There are several games with the two main ones being trivia and “Jeopardy?”. To get started all you have to do is tell your Assistant to play a game.

“Hey Google, play a game”

Other Android Auto changes include shortcuts on the launch screen allowing you quick access to your contacts and also shortcuts to tasks to be complete by your Assistant such as checking the weather, checking in on your smart home appliance (eg. turning on a device such as an air conditioner). Wider display Android Auto screens can now also use a split screen feature allowing visualisation of both real time Maps and media controls.

Other features being rolled out to Android devices include Password Checkup that checks to see if the password you have just used for something has been previously exposed. It then lets you know what to do to prevent any intrusions. Messages can now also schedule a message to be sent — something long overdue as many third-party apps can already do this.

Google throughout the year provide updates for Android, and not just their own phones, so for those using Android phones you can be sure that you will continue to see more features and improved security rolled out to your device. These latest updates will come in handy for many of us — I’m looking forward to testing out the voice-activated games on my road trip to Byron Bay next month.