Earlier this year we saw Xiaomi show off their true wireless charging and less than a month later we have now seen OPPO show off theirs at MWC Shanghai overnight. The new technology allows you to lift your phone from the wireless charging pad and use it while it continues to charge — don’t expect to be able to carry it very far though just yet.

The new wireless charging is able to charge your OPPO device at 7.5W but at this stage the device needs to be within around 10cm of the charging pad for it to continue to charge. At this stage the charging technique is only being shown in OPPO’s concept rollable phone — which Trevor checked out last week.

The Xiaomi air charging can apparently charge “Several metres away” from the charger and although OPPO have not stated just how far it can charge from the charger the video they provided (and others seen on social media overnight) show the device being carefully recorded just a few inches from the top of the pad. Whatever the case it is a promising development that will help us all to charge our devices easier and continually into the future — although I do wonder of the biological safety of such mechanisms.


Other announcements overnight by OPPO include a new 125W VOOC charging which can apparently charge a 4,000mAh battery from 1 to 100 percent in under 20 minutes. They also showed off their new 65W wireless charging AirVOOC but don’t expect to see either of these in any devices this year.

More importantly for us consumers is the announcement of their “Flash Initiative” which allows manufacturers to licence their VOOC technology to make chargers of their own — one name mentioned was Anker, a well-known portable charger manufacturer.

OPPO are making big inroads into the Australian market but don’t expect to see any of these new technologies arrive here (or anywhere) this year but looking to the future we could see some amazing devices arrive with them in the coming years. Concepts are great but bring them to market so we can all enjoy them — hopefully we don’t have to wait too long for these.