Aldi’s subtle shift toward brand name products in their Special Buys continues with what I think must be the third or fourth offering of an Ecovacs Deebot robot vacuum in the Aldi Centre isle.

On March 10 you can pickup the Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 920 for a bargain price of $399.

No, that’s not cheap, there are cheaper robot vacuums, but this one has most of Ecovacs most advanced features, and normally retails for $899.

The Deebot Ozmo 920 has advanced mapping, allowing you to see where it can clean, target areas to clean and mark off areas using virtual boundaries.

Additionally, it can be linked to Google or Alexa for voice control, and has mopping capability for your hard floors.

Oh, and if you’ve got a multi-story home – the 920 can work across multiple floors storing maps for each one, you just need to lug it up and down the stairs.

Aldi’s Shay Stearnes says “We’ve seen an overwhelming response from our customers to our previous DEEBOT OZMO promotions and we are excited to partner again with ECOVACS to launch the OZMO 920 as part of our special buys program for the first time with even more features and benefits than previous promotions at an amazing price”

Ecovacs’ Karen Powell said “With the DEEBOT OZMO 920, ALDI customers are able to graduate to new levels of smart cleaning and convenience. It is a perfect example of our ongoing commitment to providing Australian households with the best possible care and working with ALDI means we are able to save our customers money as well as well as time, in the process!” 

You’ll be best to queue up before you local Aldi opens – on March 10.