Overnight DJI announced their new drone — and a serious one at that. The new FPV drone comes with their new FPV Googles and standard controller and is designed to be a hybrid between a racing drone and a cinematic drone.

The new “first person view” drone gives you a pilot’s eye view using the new FPV Goggles V2. The low-latency goggles are designed to work over a long-range allowing you to view the footage in real time. DJI state that the FPV transmits video at 50Mbps and allows for live 120 frames per second footage at an 810p resolution with a 142 degree FOV.

DJI have also introduced a new optional motion controller with this drone which is a single hand-use controller that allows you to manoeuvre it based on your natural hand movements. Looking at the video it looks to be a very natural way to control the drone and may even be easier for beginners to learn.

The video recording features are impressive with it capable of capturing video at 120Mbps and producing 4K/60fps video. Included is DJI’s RockSteady EIS technology to ensure smooth video. For those who fly a drone as well as me there are obstacle-avoidance sensors on the front and the bottom, but these are only operational in normal flight mode and not sport or manual.

Of course, here in Australia you will need to be careful where you fly the drone and ensure you are in compliance with all CASA rules (one of which is to always maintain the drone within your line of sight.

If you can abide by these rules and want to splash out on a new toy you can pick up the DJI FPV Drone from DJI (for now but likely more retailers such as JB Hi-Fi in the future) for AU$2,099 and if you are also interested in the new DJI Motion Controller you can add one to your purchase for an additional AU$229.