It’s been some time since we saw a Motorola smartwatch launch in Australia, but rumours are circulating about a new range of watches from the company set to launch soon.

A product briefing, via cebrands, purportedly from Motorola shows that not one, but three watches are on the roadmap to launch this year. According to the document Motorola will announce the Moto G Watch in June, followed by the Moto Watch and Moto One a month later.

The Moto G Watch shows a dual-button model with a round display, and would likely be in line with their Moto G line of phones – mid-range but great value and respectable specs. 

Where the Moto and Moto One watches lie in the product line also isn’t clear, but they could be more premium offerings. The Moto Watch is a squared off design with single button, while the Moto One Watch offers appears to have dual buttons again with a circular design.

The last Motorola watch was made by a third-party – eBuyNow (A partner of CeBrands) – and never launched in Australia. Motorola has been fairly steadily launching their Moto G line in Australia so we should see something launch if they continue.

There’s a little time before the proposed launch date of the Moto G Smartwatch, so we may see more leaks in the lead-up, including whether it runs Google’s WearOS or something more proprietary.