Are you still using a timer to cook your pasta? That’s so last year. Now all you have to do to get that perfect al dente pasta, just wait until the music stops.

Brands are always looking for new and different ways to engage with their customers and the pasta company Barilla is no different. In a pretty clever campaign, Barilla have teamed up with Spotify to create eight playlists timed perfectly to play just long enough to ensure your pasta is cooked just how it’s supposed to be.

The playlists which have names such as Boom Bap Fusilli and Pleasant Melancholy Penne will each run for the time it takes to cook the respective pastas according to the instructions on the box. Each playlist runs for between 9 to 11 minutes, depending on the pasta you’re cooking and are accompanied by some eye catching artwork from internationally recognised artists.

Publicis Italy says of their campaign, “An actual kitchen timer on Spotify which turns the waiting into a chance to listen to good music, entertain yourself and discover the covers of the playlists, illustrated by eight Italian artists of international calibre.”

The full list of the Barilla playlist’s are:

  • Mixtape Spaghetti
  • Boom Bap Fusilli
  • Moody Day Linguine
  • Pleasant Melancholy Penne
  • Best Song Penne
  • Top Hits Spaghetti
  • Timeless Emotion Fusilli
  • Simply Classics Linguine

Just make sure you don’t have the playlist set to repeat.