Following on from the launch of a range of new products at CES 2021, Samsung has locked in it’s entire TV range for the year ahead, and the pricing for each model.

The range broadly covers four areas. The new premium top of the line Neo QLED TVs, the QLEDs, Crystal UHD and Lifestyle TV.

There is also a single Full HD TV at 32 inches you’ll find for $619.

The lifestyle range includes the Serif, the Sero, the outdoor “Terrace”, the Premiere and the Frame. Samsung’s artwork inspired Frame now comes in six different sizes.

Crystal UHD is the affordable 4K offering, without the Quantum dots found in QLED which push for a better brightness and contrast.

QLED TVs, once the top of Samsung’s lineup now range in price from $1700 to $3500 and are dwarfed in price, appeal and overall picture quality by the new Mini LED technology which Samsung is calling Neo QLED.

A genuine challenger to OLED this looks set to create one hell of a battle in 2021 for your TV dollar.

The 8K Neo QLED range tops it all out at $13,990, while the 50 inch QN90A kicks it off at $2,899.

We’ll have a full review of the Neo QLED technology soon, until then, sharpen your pencils for a deal, because these prices will drop a touch when they hit retail – are you keen on a new TV?

Neo QLED 8K85″ QN900A$13,999
 75″ QN900A$10,499
 65″ QN900A$7,579
 85″ QN800A$10,499
 75″ QN800A$7,579
 65″ QN800A$5,599
Neo QLED 4K75″ QN90A$6,399
 65″ QN90A$4,899
 55″ QN90A$3,849
 50″ QN90A$2,899
 85″ QN85A$7,579
 75″ QN85A$5,249
 65″ QN85A$4,429
 55″ QN85A$3,379
QLED65″ Q80A$3,489
 55″ Q80A$2,679
 85″ Q70A$5,829
 75″ Q70A$3,499
 65″ Q70A$2,799
 55″ Q70A$2,209
 85″ Q60A$4,619
 75″ Q60A$2,889
 65″ Q60A$2,189
 55″ Q60A$1,729
Crystal UHD85″ AU8000$3,389
 75″ AU8000$2,259
 65″ AU8000$1,689
 55″ AU8000$1,349
 50″ AU8000$1,129
 43″ AU8000$1,017
FHD32″ T5300$619
The Frame75″$4,079
The Premiere9 SERIES$10,999
 7 SERIES$5,999
The Terrace75″$10,999
The Sero43″$2,329
The Serif55″$2,099