A step forward for convenience today, with Telstra announcing they’ve enabled eSIM activation for its Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) customers.

The concept of a SIM card has been with us since the introduction of digital mobile phones, but with eSIM it’s been slowly dying off, at least with the larger telcos in Australia. This announcement sees Telstra extending the option for eSIM activations to their MVNO wholesale customers which include Boost, ALDIMobile and more.

The announcement comes on the back of a successful trial with two Telstra MVNO wholesale customers. You will of course need an eSIM enabled phone, though this is becoming more common these days. 

Activating an eSIM is a boost for convenience, with the process to activate the eSIM a delightfully simple process. All you need is an eSIM card pack from any telco which includes a QR code. Simply scan the code and your phone takes you to activate your new mobile service. 

Glenn Osborne, Telstra Wholesale Segment and Sales Executive said of the announcement 

‘Telstra Wholesale is thrilled to offer this Australian first product for its customers. This eSIM activation capability for mobile handsets is a first for Wholesale mobile virtual network operators and will help to improve customer experience and facilitate an easier choice of providers in the Australian market.

eSIM can make activation of a mobile service very simple and much more immediate. Using a QR code to start the activation process, means that process can literally start wherever you can place a 2D image and a connection to the internet. It could be on a bus, while reading a magazine, or wherever is most convenient for the customer’. 

Telstra first launched eSIM support for the iPhone 11 back in 2019, though they’ve also expanded support to more devices. All three major carriers offer eSIM support with activation through their respective apps.

There are a number of Telstra MVNO wholesale customers in Australia, including Boost, and ALDIMobile among others. It’s expected eSIM activation functionality will be live ‘in the next few months’ for customers on these networks.