One of the key criticisms of 5G is the shorter range of the service thanks to the higher frequencies involved. Telstra has today announced they’re fixing that issue with their 850MHz network ready to switch to 5G.

Telstra currently utilises the 850MHz spectrum for their 3G network, however with the decline in usage of 3G they’ve been able to repurpose it for 5G while still maintaining 3G services. 

The lower frequency has allowed for greater range, with Telstra advising their testing, which started last November, allowed them to offer 5G data sessions ‘over distances exceeding 80km’.

Channa Seneviratne Executive Technology Development and Solutions at Telstra says “the addition of low band 5G to our network is going to offer greater depth to our 5G coverage and help us bring 5G to some hard to reach places – another part of our drive to make 5G accessible to as many Australians as possible”.

As well as the 850MHz spectrum, Telstra is also currently working to include their 700Mhz spectrum in their low-band 5G offering. 

Telstra says they have 1,200 sites activated with the new software right now.  Telstra says they will work with their partners to optimise devices for the ‘new 5G network capability’.

Telstra currently has more than 1,000,000 5G devices on their network, with thousands more added every week. 5G is coming, and with Telstra rolling out these types of improvements they will probably see many more customers taking advantage of 5G.