The world leader in drones DJI has announced an all new fold-away drone which packs some serious punch. The DJI Air 2s appears to be a follow up and enhancement of the DJI Mavic 2 with a new naming convention and some improved features and capabilities.

Not least is the all-eyes watching style approach. New sensors give it a new look up front, with Obstacle avoidance now in four directions; Forward, Backward, Downward and Upward.

The addition of Upward sensors will stop you clipping those trees on ascent or a cliff-face when you’re getting all fancy.

Video jumps up to 5.4K at 30fps, with 4K at 60fps, while transmission is possible at 12km though entirely illegal because we both know you can’t see the drone with your own eyes once it’s a couple of hundred meters away.

A couple of hundred bucks more than the Mavic Air 2, the DJI Air 2S is $1,699 or $2,099 with the Fly More bundle.

DJI has nailed this market, durable, high quality and ultra portable consumer drones, and the DJI Air 2S looks as good as any of their other models.

There are new features in the software to make you look like a better pilot and videographer than you probably are.

Mastershots evolves from Quickshots, giving you one tap flight options covering ten different maneuvers in stunning video, you can follow, circle and generally make amazing video of a single subject.

Perhaps the biggest advance is the addition of ADS-B. This is the Aviation Industry’s AirSense safety system.

Your drone will receive flight location information from planes and helicopters in your area transmitting ADS-B signals (think Flight Radar), and display those aircraft on a map on your controller screen so you can move and descend to avoid any issues.

Looks the goods, we’ll test it out and have a review for you soon!