You know it’s going to be something special when the “key points” in an announcement document are 4+ pages of a 70 page briefing pack. Needless to say, I haven’t read all there is to read about the new all-electric mega saloon the Mercedes Benz EQS – but I love it.

For an EV, it’s ticking boxes. Range up to 770km, a 107.8kWh battery, sleek modern design and the ultimate in luxury combined with the best in technology all around.

Coming in at 5.2meters long, and 1.92meters wide, this is a big, big car.

Let’s not worry about price or availability – you’re not buying one, neither am I. However, we can safely say this will be the most expensive Electric Car in Australia. Full Stop.

But damn, it’s a stunner.

Outside it resembles a lot the futuristic show-cars that Mercedes has had at CES and other shows. There’s a refined sleekness to the styling, in fact, with a co-efficient of drag coming in at 0.202 this is the most aerodynamic car on the market.

Because it’s an EV it’s quiet by default, but with that aero work, the reduced wind noise will also add – or improve – the quiet cabin feeling.

Paddle shifters give you control over engine regenerative braking (like Hyundai do in their EVs) over several levels to suit your driving, or passenger needs.

200kW fast charging means 300km range in 15 mins, this is not going to be a slow charger!

Inside, this is the smartest, most impressive technology ever put inside a car. No question. MBUX on stilts, allowing for detailed route planning for EVs, but forget that, this thing knows which passenger or the driver is speaking so it reacts to that one person. There’s screens galore with tablets for rear passengers and three crazy screens joined under one panel on the dashboard.

While it carries the S badging, this isn’t a part of the S-Class range, it’s a relative, at best. Looks adopted, but that will start to feel like it’s the family look once the whole EQ range rolls out.

As is now the requirement of the industry, you’ll also get over the air updates to the software.

All great, but in reality, MBUX isn’t the best looking, or functional system, so there’s work to be done here.

Clean air won’t be an issue – the HEPA filter has the “OFI CERT” ZG 250-1 certification in the area of viruses and bacteria.

You can option the EQS so the doors open when you approach the car, and close when you get ready to drive.

The big beast can turn well (not quite on a dial) thanks to rear-axle steering, giving a 10.9meter turning circle.

We’re talking levels of autonomy Mercedes is well prepared for, but that MBUX Hyperscreen is what you’re going to keep staring at.

Keep your eyes on the road too, the EQS knows where you are looking, both for driver assistance to avoid any micronaps, but also for control of certain systems.

We can’t wait to see one – maybe we could take it from Melbourne to Cairns? hello, Mercedes? Sounds good!