Subscribers to Kayo’s “Basic” plan will be slugged with another price rise from February 1 with the new price sitting $5 higher than the same time last year.

From Feb 1 the Basic plan will be $30, allowing for two simultaneous streams of live sport at any one time. Until April last year that same plan was $25, with the three screen plan costing $35.

In April 2022 a new “Kayo One” plan was launched allowing for just a single screen viewing at any one time, that plan retained and still does retain the original entry price of $25.

When that new Kayo One was introduced the Basic plan went to $27.50, the same plan which is now pushing up to $30 from February. That’s a 20% price hike in just one year.

Given the vast majority of Kayo’s 1.25 million subscribers would be on that “Basic” plan this price rise alone in February could add $3million per month to the Kayo coffers, $72 million per year when you take into account last year’s $2.50 price rise also.

It’s a tough pill to swallow in a time where cost of living pressures are pushing at every area of a household budget. But our love of sport will probably take priority for many people.