For Microsoft, the Surface Laptop range is an example of how a portable computer can work seamlessly with Windows, providing connectivity, productivity and more into a sleek stylish design. Today, the Surface Laptop 4 has been announced with the same good looks but a whole lot more power.

Available in 13.5 and 15 inch sizes, these are premium laptops no doubt. Starting at $1,599 for the 13.5 incher, and $2,199 for the 15 inch variant.

But with the Surface range now cascading down to the Surface Laptop Go there’s a Surface for every budget

Maintaining the very Microsoft look with the 3:2 ratio display, the Surface Laptop 4 comes in a range of colours, including a new Ice Blue which to my eye appears to carry over from the Surface Laptop Go, and a choice of Alcantara or Metal finishes.

You get Dolby Atmos sound, a studio microphone array and a HD camera with improved low-light performance – though there’s still some capabilities lacking there – more on that later.

Under the hood, there appears a notable move to offer performance choice, with AMD Ryzen processors an option alongside 11th Generation Intel Core processors. While not the first time, it does appear to cascade all through the range, rather than just at the high end.

Microsoft reckon the Surface Laptop 4 is up to 70% faster than the Surface Laptop 3 – impressive, and with a battery life around 17-19 hours depending on processor choice and usage of course, and both are Fast Charge capable.

The Surface Laptop 4 isn’t the only new device from Microsoft, the company also revealed a range of products which look like they were designed just for the COVID work from home era.

That includes a Wireless Headset, a USB Speaker and new Webcam. Seems an afterthought to add an accessory webcam to the range, of course aimed at the PC user, but when announcing a new laptop in 2021 I think it’s safe to expect 1080 HD instead of 720, Microsoft have dropped the ball on that one.

Regardless, the new “Microsoft Modern Webcam” features 1080 video, HDR and True Look for the simple facial retouches, As well as a privacy shutter and dedicated teams integration. The webcam will retail for $119.95.

Microsoft’s new USB Speaker is perfect for those small meeting rooms, or portable use in a meeting via laptop, or on your own desk for hands-free meetings. It’s not cheap though, at $151.95.

For those wanting direct and personal audio, a USB and Wireless Headset with Microphone are also coming. The wireless will be $151.95, while the USB headset just $85.95.

If you’re serious about sound, music and noise cancellation, a new set of Surface headphones 2+ for Business are also coming, we’ll put those through their paces closer to their Aussie launch. These will need to be good though, retailing for $479.95!

Surface 4 goes on sale April 27.