The past 12 months have taught many of us that yes, you can get a decent workout at home — assuming you have the right equipment and attitude. One company who is well known for producing some of the best equipment in your gym has announced their new spin bike — for your home.

The new Technogym Bike is the professional home fitness bike designed to give you not just the best training experience but also entertain you at the same time. Through its integrated 22-inch tilting display it leads you through various workouts including group cycling classes, one-on-one trainer-led sessions, virtual training in outdoor scenarios (over 25 different landscapes) and even off-bike workouts.

The display is also capable of streaming some of your favourite ways to kill time online including Netflix, YouTube, TV channels, social media, news and games. You can also stream your own personal content from your devices to the display.

The bike itself is fully featured as well including offering tracking of power output and other fitness metrics. It is designed to give you the best road-feeling effect in your own home.

The Technogym Bike is for the serious fitness person though with a price of $4,590 just for the bike itself. To stream all of their live workouts and sessions you will need to fork over an extra $49 per month. The full price includes Technogym Trainers’ on-demand classes, Technogym Outdoors, and Total Body Workouts. You can also access to 30 days free trial for 1Rebel and Revolution’s live and on-demand classes.