The hype, demand and prices of older Holden Commodores (and Ford Falcons) is just out of control right now. Holden disappearing as a brand has sparked a run on anything in great condition and with low k’s on the clock.

The next examples of this are two stunners, going to Auction at Lloyds on April 24.

A VN Group A SS and a VL Walkinshaw. Oh My, they make my heart skip a beat.

That big wing, big bonnet VL Walkinshaw was iconic in its day in the light blue colour on the road, and in the Black and White HDT Telecom Mobile Livery, or the Multi-colour Dulux Autocolour Lansvale Smash Repairs entry it didn’t matter, it looked the part.

Then there’s the VN Group A SS – the last of a generation. The last Group A road car built for the race track.

You see back in the day, a car could only compete in the Group A touring car series if they were actually made in Production – the Shell Australian Touring Car Championship was after all a Production Car Series right?

In fact, the rules required over 500 of the racing edition to be made, but Holden was unable to do that for the VN, with 302 being made. With the Group A rules making way for a new generation, this was allowed, and the last of the Group A’s was born.

I can remember being at Bathurst in 1991 and seeing these stunning Maroon coloured Group A SS commodores on the streets, often parked alongside the VL Walkinshaw Models.

As a teenager, peering through the windows to see what build number they were, the number was on the dashboard for all to see.

The VN going to Auction is build number 180 of 302, making it very special indeed.

As an icon, this particular VL Walkinshaw will attract keen interest, with just 1400 km on the clock – the lowest of any known example in the country.

“Who knows what these cars will sell for, they are already fetching well into 6 figures due to their limited build and extremely low kilometers, but we must remember the effect of the Holden Closure in Australia where we have seen a trend of records broken since they closed,” said Mr. Lee Hames, Chief Operations Officer for Lloyds Auctions.

“When selecting cars for their potential to increase in value it is important to tick several boxes, namely, rarity, heritage, and desirability. The VN Commodore SS Group A up for auction ticks all those boxes,” he said.

The real question is, if this Maroon VN Group A SS goes for a big dollar amount, what will one of the three Black VN Group A SS fetch if they were to be put up for Auction. Those were the only colour variant produced, one reportedly for an overseas buyer, two as giveaways in a Tooheys promotion one year. Oh, the classics.

The VL Walkinshaw and VN Group A SS, along with another 120 classics will go up for Auction at Lloyds on Saturday April 24 from Midday.