Google have always been well to play well with others (within their rules of course) and recently they opened up Android Auto API to navigation apps. We have had Google Maps and Waze as options for a while now and first we saw Sygic join the Android Auto party. Now TomTom have released their Android Auto compatible navigation app to the world, and you can check it out now.

TomTom AmiGO works similarly to Waze in that it relies on community submissions to track traffic incidents and warnings. AmiGO has dedicated features to report these speed cameras, danger zones, blocked roads and more and with the latest update will project to your car’s head unit through Android Auto.

As you would expect from TomTom, AmiGO also includes navigation features along with warnings that are unobtrusive and based on reports from the community. The app is ad-free, free to download and with no in app purchases there is nothing stopping you from checking it out.

Now that Google has opened up Android Auto to more apps optimised for Android Auto expect to see many more navigation apps such as this one along with apps for parking and EV charging coming very soon. Keep an eye out for more apps that may help to improve your in-car experience.

If you want to check out TomTom AmiGO on Android Auto head on over to the Play Store and download it now.