Apple certainly didn’t disappoint with their first Apple Event of 2021 with a host of new announcements, headlined by an all new 24 inch iMac running the Apple M1 Processor.

Available in up to Seven colours, the new iMac flashes back to the original iMac which came in colours, and follows Apple’s use of colours in iPhones and even iPads in recent years.

A completely new design, with a squared edge, flat back, perhaps best described as a huge iPad on a stand, the iMac is Apple’s next generation desktop computer.

The computer features multiple USB ports, including two Thunderbolt ports on the back.

Apple has created an all-new power adaptor that magnetically attaches to the back, while the bulk of the “power” gear has been removed from the screen, and is now in a power brick at the end of the colour matched cable.

That power brick also contains the Ethernet connection for those using a hard-wired connection.

Speakers and Microphones are updated, with a six speaker sound system, capable of Spatial Audio, while the microphones are described as “studio-quality”

Importantly, the FaceTime (front facing) camera is now 1080P – in a world of Zoom Calls and Facetime chats, this is a huge leap forward, and long overdue.

Accessories are also colour co-ordinated, with the keyboard, Mouse and Trackpads all optionally in the colour of your iMac.

Apple’s Magic Keyboard also features wireless Touch ID for unlock, purchases and more.

The colours are stunning, and sure to get the most attention.

Apple’s new iMac is a 24 inch display, surrounded by a white frame to make it easier on the eye. Though there is no larger screen option – perhaps that’s for a Pro version down the track.

Available to pre-order Friday 30th, shipping in late May.

Prices start at $1,899 in Australia

At $1,899 you get 256GB storage, and a Magic Keyboard without TouchID

For $2,199 you add in Touch ID, Two USB 3 ports on top of the two thunderbolt, as well as Gigabit Ethernet. An extra $300 again gets you 512GB of storage.