Hot on the heels of the launch of their latest Find X3 handset, OPPO has today announced a trade-in program, letting you swap old handsets for credit on a brand new OPPO phone. 

The OPPO trade-in program is a sign of maturity for OPPO, who entered the Australian market in 2014. OPPO is now ranked as the third largest smartphone vendor in Australia, with over a million Australians using an OPPO smartphone at the end of 2020 according to research from Telsyte.

While their high-flying Find series offer all the bells and whistles, their mid-tier offerings are also massively popular. OPPO Australia’s Managing Director, Michael Tran, believes there is great opportunity within the trade-in market as more Aussies look for quality devices at competitive price point

At OPPO we’re continuously listening to our customers and analysing industry trends to ensure we’re delivering not only the products, but also the services that Aussies are demanding. With consumers becoming increasingly price-conscious but not wanting to compromise on quality, a trade in program that supports our wide range of smartphones was the logical next step for our growth in Australia” said Tran.

For the trade-in program, OPPO has launched a dedicated trade-in portal, with an estimator offering you an idea of what your phone is worth. It’s not just OPPO phones you can trade-in though, with the estimator supporting other manufacturers including Samsung, Apple, Google and Huawei.

You can get simple estimates for old phones, which range from $470 for a Pixel 5 to $90 for an old Samsung Galaxy A30. 

There’s a few questions to answer about your old phone about its condition, whether the screen is working or damaged, and obviously if it powers on or not. You can also get instructions on how to disassociate your account from your phone, and how to factory erase it as well before sending it in.

It’s a decent way to get yourself a new phone, though there’s room to grow with support for more manufacturers – Nokia, Xiaomi, Vivo, Realme etc. – but it’s a good start. You can check out what your phone is worth by heading to,