You’ve gotta hand it to the Aussie legends at RØDE microphones, they don’t sit on their hands. After the huge success of their Rodecaster Pro audio mixer and podcasting studio, they’re back with something for the entry level podcaster looking to use their computer for recording shows and interviews – A FREE App called Rode Connect.

It’s all centered around the popular NT-USB Mini Microphone from RØDE, instead of having to use one microphone for multiple people, or to use complex audio routing systems to attach two or more microphones to one computer, Rode Connect does it all.

Rode Connect app on a Macbook Screen

And when I say does it all, hold onto your hats folks, this is epic.

Two Rode Microphones and a Laptop showing recording software

Firstly, plug in your NT-USB microphones and the Rode Connect app will show them on screen. You can then assign them to a colour (and if you buy the COLOURS for NT-USB Mini you can even match the actual microphones to the on-screen colours.

Rode NT-USB Mini microphone

To identify which microphone is which, you tap on the microphone on screen and the lights on the front of the NT-USB Mini will flash. Boom – damn that’s simple.

Assigning mics to a channel in Rode Connect software

Next, assign any virtual channels you want on your mixer – yep, you can assign System Audio to a channel of its own, and a Rode Virtual Channel too.

Assigning virtual channels in Rode Connect software

Rode Virtual can be the output of a Zoom or Skype call for remote interviews, and on the other end, you can send the Rode Virtual mix out to the person on the Zoom call. Simple.

That comes with a built-in mix-minus on all channels to simplify the sound being heard.

PLayback in Rode Connect

All of Rode’s digital processing is built-in, like APHEX, Noise gate and compressor so the sound can be professional no matter your setup.

But for me it’s the little things. Get this – any of your four at-desk speakers can plug headphones into the back of their NT-USB Mini and get the full mix – including system audio or Virtual audio from the Zoom caller. No more need for a headphone amp or splitter.

The rear of the NT-USB Mini with headphone connected

If you’re a streamer you can choose the Rode Connect Streaming input to your OBS or other platform, for a full mix output.

This will all be overwhelming for some, and for others it will hit the spot and add new capabilities. And, as is the want of many podcasters who love to over-edit their shows, Multi-track recording is also possible.

New accessories for NT-USB Mini Microphones

As is uploading direct from the Rode Connect app to your chosen Podcasting platform.

Top work RØDE – Top stuff.