Samsung have a lot of Unpacked events it seems and today they have announced that there will be another one on April 28 at 10am ET (New York time). The timing of the event in the calendar is strange and speculation is already rife over what is coming.

Ahead of the event Samsung have released two trailers, both advertising the event stating that the “most powerful Galaxy is coming” but little is hinted at aside from a courier placing and delivering a box. Feel free to speculate on that yourself.

The fact that Samsung are calling it a Galaxy event most likely rules out a new laptop and you wouldn’t expect an event for a laptop series would warrant teasing such as this. This year there will not be a Galaxy Note so it’s not that and you would think that it is too early in the year and too close to the Galaxy S21 launch for them to announce a new foldable. In saying that they could announce a new foldable now and release it in 2-3 months but that would be a strange tactic.

Speculation has been mounting that Samsung are working on a Galaxy Watch that runs Wear OS — Google’s wearable OS — and not the Tizen that their watches have run for a while now. That is possible but of course it could just be wishful thinking on my part. How could a watch be “the most powerful Galaxy”?

We expect more details of the event to be released by Samsung in the lead up to it and of course other leaks will undoubtedly occur so keep an eye for what to expect from Samsung on April 28.