Apple has not released a new Apple TV for quite a while now but a report today from Bloomberg suggests that not only in a new version imminent but it will include a speaker and a camera.

Bloomberg are reporting that “people familiar with the matter” have said that Apple is working on a new product that combines Apple TV, the HomePod speaker and a camera for video calling through the connected TV. The new device will also include smart home functionality to some extent.

The new device is expected to include full Apple TV functionality including video streaming and gaming with the in-built speaker supporting smart actions through Siri. Apple have been criticised for their lack of smart home innovation and hardware but this could be a step in that direction for them.

Another report also has Apple working on a smart display with a high end speaker to compete with those from Google and Amazon which are now in at least their second and third generations. This new speaker with display would include a camera for video chat as well of course.

Both new products are in the very early stages of development so the device features may change or they may be scrapped entirely. Until Apple release the devices though don’t get your hopes up just yet — it wouldn’t be the first time they have scrapped a product before it made it to market.