Bandai America and Tamagotchi have been in our lives for over 25 years and with over 82 million units sold they have been very successful with their products. Today they are introducing their new virtual pet device – the Tamagotchi Pix.

The Tamagotchi Pix incorporates a camera onboard that allows you to take pictures with your Tamagotchi character to share with others. There are still the usual characteristics of Tamagotchi including nurturing, caring and playing with your character. New in recent devices is the ability to cook for your character and, as you would expect in COVID times, have food delivered for your character.

With your character you can explore the world together and share your adventures together with a built-in social feed. There are also new personal rooms and gameplay to dictate your Tamagotchi character’s future profession when they return to the Tamagotchi Planet.

The new Tamagotchi Pix, although there are a range of online activities including the social feed and the ability to download new missions to complete, does not require a permanent Internet connection to function on a daily basis. It is available for pre-order now in Floral (pink) and Sky (purple) with Ocean (blue) and Nature (green) coming soon.

The demographic for these virtual pets is probably a tad outside of you reading this but for those 6-12 year olds it could be a lot of fun. If you have someone in your life in that age group and are stuck for gift ideas why not check out a Tamagotchi Pix. For more information head on over to Keep an eye out for them coming to the usual retailers.