Almost two years ago Apple Announced their competitor to Street View at the Worldwide Developers Conference in 2019. Since then the service known as Look Around has expanded across America and in several countries around the world. It appears perhaps a launch in Australia is imminent with Apple Maps Backpack cameras spotted on the streets.

As far back as November 2019 Apple Maps camera cars were spotted in various locations around Australia, yet no word yet on the detailed street level photography being available within Apple Maps here.

This week, in a laneway in Perth an Apple Mapper was spotted and snapped wearing the bulky backpack and camera complete with Apple Maps branding.

These walking cameras allow Apple to capture images in places where cars can’t easily go. Walking along the Swan River or around Sydney Harbour, as well as inside buildings where permitted.

As recently as Today Google announced they had expanded their indoor Streetview to several train stations in Sydney, so with Google expanding, Apple has a lot of ground to cover to even come close to catching up.

It of course takes time to process the images, and to remove the identity of people and things like rego plates on cars, however, a launch here must surely be imminent.

In fact, perhaps it will be announced at the upcoming World Wide Developers Conference in two weeks.