It was an idea a while ago, but it wasn’t until the Facebook vs Media dramas of earlier this year we realised – we needed an App. So, it’s here, the EFTM app.

In all honesty, version 1 is what you might call the minimum viable product. But there’s a reason for that – 70 of them in fact. This week is your last week to enter our WIN A CAR competition. We’re giving away a Hyundai i30 Active, with a Uniden Dashcam and a Belkin MagSafe car mount for your iPhone.

It’s free to enter, but if you want an additional 70 entries – you need an EFTM ID. This unique code will get you those 70 entries, and the only way to get it is the EFTM app.

Available for iOS users only (at the moment sorry!), it’s free to download, and free to register for your EFTM ID.

Download the app from the App Store, and launch it. You might see a bit of loading time while all our great content and headlines are downloaded and displayed.

Here’s how it looks.

Our highlighted content up top, then a few articles across our three content categories – Tech, Cars and Lifestyle. Blue for Tech, Orange for Lifestyle, Green for Cars.

Tapping any article will open a browser for you to read the article.

But let me be clear, this isn’t about changing how you read our content. Use your browser however you normally do.

Click the WIN tab and you’ll get a form to fill out which will then require an SMS or Email verification, after which you’ll get your own unique EFTM ID.

Enter that EFTM ID on our competition page to redeem your extra entries.

And that’s just the start. In the future, big things are planned for your EFTM ID.

What the Facebook drama taught us was we needed a direct connection to our readers. A way to let you know we’ve written something new. For that reason, the two key purposes of the EFTM app are: Widgets & Notifications.

Notifications aren’t available in our first release, but soon you’ll be able to choose to get notified of all our content, content in certain categories or just our featured content.

Today, you can download, install and then setup widgets on your home pages.

Widgets are available in small, medium and large.

For the Small and Medium ones, you can also choose which category they show.

How do I add an EFTM Widget to my iPhone

Once you’ve installed the app and launched it, you can add a widget to any home screen.

Press and hold a blank area of your home screen until all the apps start wobbling. Top of screen you’ll see a PLUS sign (+) – tap that, and scroll down to EFTM.

Choose your Widget size, and add to the home screen.

How do I choose the category for each widget?

By Default the small and medium Widgets show the latest of “ALL” the content. These have a dark shade behind the text.

However, if you want to just see what’s happening in Tech, Cars or Lifestyle, press and hold the widget. Choose Edit Widget.

On the pop up, choose the category.

How do I stack multiple widgets to swipe through them?

If you add three widgets the same size, you can customise them to each show a different category.

Once you do that, you can push and hold the screen, then move each widget on top of the other, Stacking them.

When you’re done you can then swipe through the three categories.

We’ve got a lot to learn, a lot to do. We’re proud to have worked with a young Australian App developer to make this happen, so download now, and wait for what’s to come!

What about Android users?

As at today, we do not have an Android app. Development costs from the quotes we received we just not viable for us as a small business. However, we are working on a very simple EFTM app for Android that will just provide you with an EFTM ID – we are doing everything we can to get this out before the Car Giveaway ends.