The thing about TVs today is they are all amazing. Great picture quality which of course gets better the more you spend – that’s beyond question. But how good is it to use, what is the user experience like. My night with the Sony X90J proved that user experience is key, and in this case its thanks to Google TV.

Sony’s Bravia TV lineup in Australia is probably the simplest to understand of all the big brands, with the X series and A series differentiated by the panel type (X = LED, A = OLED). The Z series is the big mother of the bunch, as an 8K LED.

Then their number system is a simple higher is better. X80 being the entry level, X95 being a whole stack better. If you’re wondering how to pick the 2021 model from last years, that’s what the J means.

Now I have to say, I saw the X80J alongside the X90J last week, and the X80J is a bloody fantastic TV. Edgelit as opposed to the X90J which is Full Array backlit.

But the black level were pretty impressive, so let me be clear – if your budget allows you to just scratch the Sony range with the X80J (which comes in 43, 50, 55, 65, 75 and 85 inch sizes) then grab it.

But it was the X90J I spent the most time with, thanks to Sony putting me up in a Sydney Hotel room where the TV had been installed.

The X90J comes in 50,55,65 and 75 inch sizes, features Sony’s XR 4K upscaling and 200Hz Motion Clarity. I watched a demo of a fast moving picture which really showed how the 90J bettered the 80J in that front, as well as against a competitor product at the same price range which again, it bettered.

Two HDMI ports support Variable Refresh Rates, while one supports eARC.

All those things are ticks in feature boxes if you’re comparing TVs. But here’s one Samsung and LG struggle to tick. Apps, Smarts, Connectivity.

Yes, Samsung and LG have great operating systems, and loads of apps. But – nothing like Google TV.

Google TV in the new Chromecast is my go-to recommendation for enhancing any TV.

Built into a Sony TV, it’s a gamechanger. Fast response, smooth scrolling, voice commands, it’s everything

This was as easy to use as Google’s own Chromecast with Google TV – but bundled in and using the TVs own remote.

No issues with the picture quality, however you need to remember Sony’s own OLED range is literally next level in that regard. But at a premium.

Topping out at $4,299 for the 75 inch model, the Sony X90J at 55 inches comes in under $2,000. I think the sweet spot is the 65 incher at $2495.

Sony has a loyal fan base, people who have owned and used Sony products like their TVs – and for good reason. These are robust, but importantly high quality great performance TVs.

Google TV is the Operating System to have. The rest are working on future revenue and growth strategies, and time will tell if that’s the better bandwagon – but right now, I can’t fault the Sony Bravia X90J with Google TV – mainly for it’s inclusion of Google TV.