While in our house we’re pretty well set on the top notch simulation games like F1 2020 or Asseto Corsa, there’s a real love for just outright bump and drive competition which my kids have loved in the Cars movie franchise Driven to Win. But I have to say, the new Hot Wheels Unleashed looks set to be a new favourite in our house.

Combine the awesome “I’m driving on a Hot Wheels track” feeling from Forza Horizon with the simple race game play of many arcade games and you’ve got Hot Wheels Unleashed.

The latest trailer, showing off a new “Skyscraper” environment looks the business.

The cars look great, I can imagine some great integration with the purchase of real cars at the shops transferring over to the game, and all round a lot of screaming and excitement as well all race our virtual Hot Wheels cars.

The game isn’t due out until the end of September, so perhaps don’t get the kids too fired up just yet. This looks like one for Santa.