I’ve lost count of the amount of streaming services available to us here in Australia — and there is even more worldwide. The choices are becoming more and more difficult for customers and streaming services are looking for ways to set themselves apart from the pack. Netflix is looking to do this with them testing a new feature set.

N-Plus, as the new feature set is likely to be called, will be a new online space for customers to learn more about their favourite shows. Protocol reported that Netflix are asking in a survey sent to users how they’d feel about podcasts, user-generated playlists, how-tos and more, all related to the shows available on Netflix. The service is also expected to include more behind-the-scenes footage and interviews and more, all to support their content.

The Netflix show playlists will be able to be shared with others and if someone isn’t a Netflix subscriber they will instead be shown a trailer for the show itself. Netflix also asked users how they thought about creating music playlists of songs from a show and sharing that with others.

The survey stated that “N-Plus is a future online space where you can learn more about the Netflix shows you love and anything related to them.” Netflix said in a comment to Protocol that the survey is just polling users on possible features the company was exploring and unsurprisingly had nothing further to share on N-Plus at this stage.

It would not surprise us if Netflix launched this service in the next year with Netflix looking to expand beyond just the shows on its platform — “You might get to N-Plus when you Google search for anything about a show or actors from a show you’re interested in, or you might find links to it in messages you get from Netflix, or there might be a link to it on pages inside the Netflix app.”