If you’ve got a waterside mansion or harbour views, then you’re probably the target market for LG’s latest OLED TV. It’s only going to cost you $130,000 but that does come with delivery and installation.

First revealed a few years ago at CES in Las Vegas this thing is epic.

It’s a 65 inch OLED TV, so it looks the goods no matter what you’re watching. But where this differs from all the amazing TVs that have come before it is; it rolls away into the cabinet on which it is perched.

The large floor cabinet is part of the deal, and contains all the mechanisms to gently roll the OLED panel up when you aren’t watching.

OLED panels are actually remarkably flexible, the thin structure we see as the TV backing now plays no roll in the actual TV, it’s just there to support it. With this LG R1 Rollable OLED TV the OLED panel is essentially loose, attached to a top support and a scissor lift style function which raises to pull it out of its housing.

Crazy, Crazy stuff. But also epic.

$130k will get you a custom build, they aren’t churning these off a factory line, you order one, it will be built for you. And it will arrive, delivered and installed, around six weeks later.

LG reckon there are half to a dozen people expressly interested in this product since it’s first appearance at CES – so, when those few get one, their mates are going to want one too. It’s the ultimate TV pissing contest, gotta love it.