The Commonwealth Bank IT team will be on high alert right now, trying to work out how to fix a problem with their Online Banking and EFTPOS systems, and also trying to hold onto their jobs as the bank experiences their second outage in less than a week.

Shopkeepers unable to process cashless payments, and bank customers unable to login to the CommBank App or Netbank, there are red faces in the Commonwealth Bank as they try to scramble to restore services.

I had to pass on an IOU to my local cafe today, who fortunately know me well from my daily repeat orders, because their EFTPOS terminal was down and one of the staff was on the phone to the Commonwealth Bank trying to get it fixed.

A quick search online showed this was not a unique problem, and there was probably no point being on the phone.

I tweeted the problem, to a flood of replies experiencing issues of their own:

The bank has acknowledged the outage and issues, though not ETA for restoration has been given.

And if you want an understanding of how the problem impacts customers, just read the replies to that tweet.

There is no word from the bank as to the cause of the outage, or when it will be rectified.