Importing new products and distributing them to keen Aussie buyers is a tough game. How do you know if there’s even any interest and that you’ll be able to sell them? That’s the question Aussie distributor Panmi is answering with it’s own Panmi Group Buying site.

The Group Buying site allows Panmi to offer a limited number of a new gadget for sale for a limited time at a greatly reduced price – to gauge interest in the product.

George Saad, CEO of Panmi says “The Panmi Group Buying site allows consumers to get great products at a lower price than they would individually”

Think of it a bit like kickstarter deals, the product won’t get off the ground unless enough people buy. But if not enough do, there’s no cost to any of the potential buyers.

Add to that a 60-day money back guarantee as an additional fallback for those keen to be ahead of the curve with a solid cost-saving.

The Panmi Group Buying website kicks off with two great deals at very different ends of the price scale.

The first is the Segway-Ninebot eKickscooter E8 which you can grab for $249, instead of the usual $499.

For those looking for the home theatre experience, the second deal is a cracker. It’s a 4K short throw projector, and Screen.

Usually $5,998, the Panmi Group Buying site is offering the combo for $3,999.

Who wouldn’t want a 150 inch screen?

The concept is flawless, what Panmi now need is awareness – if enough people are buying, the deals could be epic.

Web: Panmi Group Buying