You pay a high price for the design and performance that comes with a European car, while in reality they do most of the same things a much more affordable car can do – but it’s the extra mile in design and performance that matter. Same applies to technology, and Bang & Olufsen is that extra mile when it comes to sound.

The Beosound Explore is a perfect example of that. For $350 you can get a big bold Bluetooth speaker, but the BeoSound Explore is that same price, but more of a sound not size kinda proposition.

Offering what B&O Call a True 360 sound, this cylindrical speaker fires sound all around, and sitting it down while listening all around, you really get that sense. I would say for 360 sound, it’s not quite as seamless as the original Apple Homepod, but it’s cheaper and smaller than that still.

What really sets this apart are two things. Design and sound.

This isn’t a cheap plastic speaker – it’s a hard anodised aluminium case which comes in a range of colours from Green, to black and this beige look we have.

Dust and waterproof so you can take it most places you’re going to want to enjoy a good set of tunes, and enjoy them you will – for up to 27 hours. I’d say the bulk of the weight and size of the Beosound Explore is the battery, because that’s one impressive battery life figure!

Critically, the sound is amazing.

Plus, when paired with the B&O App, you can customise the sound profile you enjoy.

Using an adjustable “spot on a wheel” approach to find your personal preference. Works really well, and you can save those settings for your own profile.

For some it looks a bit lavish, a huge expense – but for others this is about a combination of quality, style and impressive sound.

And that battery life – wowsers

Web: David Jones