The impact of emoji on our online conversations is fairly vast, but Facebook is giving them a bit pf an upgrade, with Soundmoji rolling out now in Messsenger.

Soundmoji are of course emoji with sounds. They were announced by Facebook on World Emoji day earlier this month and look to be widely available now in Messenger on both iOS and Android.

There’s a few Soundmoji available there right now including an actual LOL with the laughing emoji or dramatic music effect with the shocked face emoji. You can also check out some more mainstream soundbites from Brooklyn 99, the Fast & Furious movies and more thanks to a partnership with Universal for TV and movie clips. There’s also music clips from artists including Drake, Ariana Grande and even Rebecca Black when you hit that calendar emoji.

The only rider to this is that Soundmoji are mobile only, with a simple description of the sound intended to play showing above the emoji.

There is only a limited selection of Soundmoji to try out right now, but Facebook says that they plan to update the Soundmoji library regularly with new sound effects and more famous soundbites.