It may seem like madness for an Aussie luggage company to launch new products in the midst of a pandemic, but I guess we’re learning that Australia is the last to realise that things are moving back to normal making the July Trunk Collection ideal for international travel markets.

With product shipping around the world, perhaps the company will do better business globally than here at home – strange as that may seem.

Indeed, the new Trunk Collection is what July call their “answer to aluminium luggage”. If you’ve travelled, you’ll have seen those folks that grab what look like metal suitcases off the baggage claim. Those things are pricey, premium, made to show off.

Introducing July’s answer – the Trunk. A larger look, more old fashioned trunk latches, and hinges, with a smooth glazed polycarbonate finish.

Those latches mean no zipper all the way round, and I’m down for that!

They look bloody good. In three colours, Sand, Green and Slate Grey.

At $395 for the Carry-On you’re looking at a $100 premium for Style. Moreso for the $595 Checked “Trunk”.

With the style comes functionality, we love July luggage here, with the perfectly adjustable handle, and smooth gliding wheels.

The July Trunk Collection launches Friday. Excuse the funky images, the team at July have gone for the “classic” look from the “when Trunk Suitcases were a thing” era on the Fashion side of things:)

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