I’ve been pretty frustrated by luggage over the years – the big name brands promise the world but rarely deliver in return – so when newly established Aussie brand JULY reached out and said “check out our Carry-On” I was sceptical.

Then it arrived. Wow. Next level stuff, the packaging, the handbook, the fit and finish of the actual case were beyond impressive.

Speaking to co-founder Athan Didaskalou it’s apparent to me this was always the intent. The July case has been engineered to within an inch of itself, it’s not just some standard carry-on luggage from a factory in China with a July logo slapped on it.

The July Carry-On is a unique shape. The polycarbonate construction makes it rugged, but in all such cases the weakness is the corners, the edges. So July is more rounded – and the corners reinforced with Aluminium.

This all required a complete re-tooling of the factory, something that doesn’t come cheap. The thing is, that’s not reflected in the price. $295 price tag includes shipping to your door.

It’s made to be a carry-on, meeting all the size requirements there at 55cm High, 38cm wide and 22cm deep. It’s got a 36 litre capacity, but does tip the scales empty at 3.2kg so you wouldn’t want to be cutting things too fine or travelling with one of those narky airlines.

Feature wise – what a strange thing to say (A suitcase has features?), this thing has been overthought.


There’s an ejectable 10,000mAh battery built in so you can charge your devices on the go.

That meets all the necessary regulation around the world so you won’t have any issues – I took it into the USA and back with no issues at all.


I’d never thought about this before, but on most suitcases you’ve got about 4 or 5 options for height of the handle – maybe 2 in some cases.

The July Carry-On has 20 different height adjustments so it will suit you no matter what your height.


What the hell is this? A car review? Nope, but I have to point this out. Walking through Sydney and San Fransisco airports I noticed the same thing. On those occasions where I would let go of the bag to reach into my pockets or something, the bag just kept going – straight.

That does NOT happen with any other bag I’ve owned, they have a mind of their own.

I’d put this down to what July call “whisper-quiet SilentMove 360 degree spinner wheels” – they are exceptional.


You’ve got a clamshell approach with one side covered by a mesh lining – they say this is for the things that cannot be squished down, like your shoes.

On the other side is where you’d pack your clothes, this side also has a compression pad built-in to squeeze everything down. Works a treat.


Seriously, the stitching, the materials, the design overall – this is the kinda stuff you’ll see insta-models snapping away at because it’s just so uniquely good.


At $295 delivered, it’s a great price, for a great bag that is clearly just the start of things to come from a couple of Aussie mates with a bright idea.

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