There seems to be nothing safe from the smart AI revolution with so many products gaining smarts in recent years. Samsung has today announced that that are extending their smart appliance range in Australia to include more Smart AI washing machines and dryers.

Samsung has stated that their desire if to “leverage intuitive innovations to help transform and support the lives of everyday Australian families” and as part of this desire they have now included smart features into their entire range of washing machines and dryers. The Smart AI is more about learning from you rather than smart home control (although that is possible too) and has some great features.

Samsung’s Smart AI is designed to learn, remember and recommend the most effective wash cycle for you based on your previous washes. It does this through four built-in sensors to determine how dirty the clothes are (I wonder if it also measures stinkiness) and the weight of your laundry to “optimise the amount of water, detergent and rinse time”. The smart washing machines can also be connected to a Smart Heatpump Dryer which will use the washing machine’s results to pick the correct cycle and settings for your clothes.

Of course, the smart washing machines and dryers have all the usual features associated with such appliances as well as their smarts. Using Super Speed Wash and Super Dry cycles a mixed load of up to 5kg can be washed (39minutes) and dried (81minutes). Other features include Hygiene Steam, Bubble Wash and BubbleSoak, all hygiene-related features that may come in useful during this pandemic.

Samsung’s Smart AI range of Washing Machines and Dryers are designed to make doing the laundry simple – fast and effective. They don’t just connect to Wi-Fi, but also learn how you wash and give you real-time recommendations to make it less of a chore.” said Andrew Wand, Director of Home Appliances, Samsung Australia.

As mentioned above the new range can be part of your smart home with support for Samsung’s SmartThings app allowing users to control features such as Laundry Planner and Laundry Recipe. The app also allows you to run the appliances to suit your schedule (and the cost of electricity schedule) whether you are at home, work or at play.

Samsung’s Smart AI range of washing machines and Heatpump dryers are now available at leading retailers and online at