In a sign of the ever evolving world of home security cameras, Arlo has made a big change to its Smart AI and cloud storage plans, offering an unlimited number of cameras on a single subscription of $14.99 per month.

For a single camera you can get the Arlo Secure plan for $4.49 a month, but there’s clearly huge value now in having a complete home security setup.

Brad Little from Arlo says “The unveil of the Arlo Secure represent Arlo’s commitment to customer feedback and delivering complete peace of mind,”

“Our users wanted easy-to-understand subscription options to help them protect their
homes without calculating monthly subscription costs per camera, and we listened.”

An Arlo Secure subscription allows you to get cloud storage for videos your cameras record, accessible from any device. Plus, and most importantly you get things like Smart Interactive Notifications with video previews, and object detection – allowing you to know instantly if the motion was a person, vehicle or animal, and detect and monitor any parcels left at your door.

For my cameras, of which I have 16 across my home and business, the cost comes down from over $30 per month to just $14.99 or $21.99 if I choose 4K recording for my 4K compatible cameras.

Sure, it seems strange for a company to reduce its prices, but the home security business is hot right now, and it’s also young – so this is the industry finding its feet, finding what the market wants. Unlimited cameras seems the perfect strategy to ensure the best users have more cameras.

If you’ve got Arlo cameras, now’s the time to log in, and update your subscription. If you’ve not signed up for Arlo Secure, now’s the time:)

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