With tough restrictions still in place across many parts of NSW, there’s more people having to deal with the restriction of “No further than 5km from home”.

For those people in the nominated LGAs (Local Government or Council Areas), that’s the entire limit of where you can go. For the rest of greater Sydney, you are now restricted to exercise within your LGA, and if you are outside your LGA that must not be further than 5km from your home.

So, how do work out where 5km from your home is? We’ve got the perfect solution in the palm of your hand. The NSW Rural Fire Service Fires Near Me app.

Everyone has the app right? Or they should. We all used it when the State was ravaged by Bushfires just 18 months ago before this nightmare pandemic started.

Within the Fires Near Me app you can setup a “Watch Zone” and decide how big that radius is. As luck may have it, 5km is the lowest number, so you can set a simple watch zone, type your home address and see a circle showing you where 5km is.

Given how big some LGAs are, and frankly, if you’re like me you’ve got no idea where your LGA starts and ends, my advice, just stick to the 5km rule, even if the actual health order allows you to travel within your LGA. To find that distance, Fires Near Me is the perfect solution.

So next time someone asks “How far is 5km from my home?” – you can tell them to download Fires Near Me, and – upside, when there is any fire in your area, you’ll get those alerts too!

Download now: Apple / Android

Thanks for the tip Corky!