As a watch-lover it’s always fascinating to look at new designs and new brands, I’m a sucker for them – bought a watch off a TV ad while on a two week holiday in the USA once. So when offered the chance to throw the Charmeur Sportmaster on my wrist I took it and I love it.

Using the French word for charmer to define your brand name is a bold choice, it puts pressure on the design of every single watch you make. For Charmeur, their 16 watch models all look like they would fit in within a lineup of some of the world’s great watch brands.

These watches are Swiss made with a Quartz movement and judging by this Sportmaster model on my wrist, very high quality materials from the face, the bezel to the band the clasp.

Quite frankly, if you’re not a watch person, you’d wonder how long Charmeur had been around and how expensive this watch is. The reality is Charmeur is very new and the Sportmaster is one of their most expensive models at $699.

It’s also likely the biggest. This huge watch face really stands out and that’s why I love it so much. There’s a genuine sense of style with the Charmeur Sportmaster.

Your Charmeur Sportmaster arrives laid flat in a very nice box, however with a tightly weaved fabric band I think that’s my only slight negative here, it took a good week on the wrist to really form it’s rounded shape and feel properly comfortable. Packaging in a taller box fitted around a buffer to give it shape from manufacturing would alleviate this. Additionally, and again because of the tight and hard nature of the wrist band, the fixed in place strap restraint closest to the buckle makes removal harder than it should be – but again, such a small picky point, not one that should make you overlook the Sportmaster from Charmeur.

The entire Charmeur range really looks like the Aussie businessman behind the brand wanted to cover off every style. As a TAG man myself, I’m eyeing off the Chrono, Racing and Outdoor models.

Web: Check out the range at Charmeur