One of the biggest issues for men is finding the perfect chair to, you know, sit around in. All the comfy ones look horrid and won’t be approved by your partner. But thankfully, Great Dane Furniture has a solution that should keep everyone happy.

The Wikkelso V11 Easy Chair & Footstool is one of the most stylish and comfortable chairs we’ve seen lately. Designed by Illum Wikkelso, it has no mod-cons such as massage features of vibrator settings, just a foot stool and some extremely plush padding. It’s the best of both worlds, you come off with an extremely suave chair, suitable for any gentleman’s club, and your abode comes off that extra bit stylish.

Made from leather, the Wikkelso V11 Easy Chair & Footstool keeps you at the perfect angle, somewhere between lying down and sitting. Made in the 1960s, it’s one of the most sought after chairs in the world, with the Japanese president and King of Saudi Arabia even boasting possession of one.


The trouble is that works of sitting art like this don’t come cheap. Purchase one and you will keep everyone happy, from your partner to your backside – everyone except your wallet that is, unless you are in a suitably high paid job, which you might be. We are not. So it’s back to the Ikea chair for us…


Price: $12,500

Web: Great Dane Furniture