The race to vaccinate is on, and yes, I know it’s not a race, but lets be honest, it bloody well is – we all want to be free from the threat of lockdowns – oh, and COVID-19

If you’ve been vaccinated, you’ll likely know that your Vaccination Certificate is available within the “Express Plus” Medicare app, but it’s also now available to be added to your digital wallet.

Using either Apple Pay on iPhones, or Google Pay for Android phones you now have the option to “Add to Wallet” or “Save to Phone” within the Medicare (Express Plus) app.

Given we’re likely moving to a “new normal” where proving you are vaccinated is a bigger deal than proving you’ve checked in with a QR code this is ideal.

You just need the Express Plus app, and use your MyGov ID to login.

Once in there, you view your Immunisation History, where you can “view COVID-19 digital certificate”.

Once you see the interactive Certificate, there is now an option to “Add to Apple Wallet” on iPhones, or “Save to Phone” on a Google/Android phone.

From there, the certificate is available at any time within the Apple Wallet or Google Pay.

On Android phones, you can even add a link direct to the digital card on your home screen.

Worth downloading now folks, you know you’re going to need to show it!

Download: Apple App Store, Google Play Store