2021 was the year that the TV industry really stepped up and accepted that gaming was a big use for TVs in Aussie homes, but LG has been thinking that for more than just this year with their OLED range hugely popular for gamers. This year’s C1 OLED is a class above, and deserving of your gaming dollars.

LG OLED’s were so popular that I think last year they sold out of their 48 inch model – introduced for those with smaller homes or lounges, it was instead snapped up and used on ultimate gaming rigs.

For 2021 the C1 Model is the ideal unit for gamers, and TV/Movie watchers for all the reasons we’ve loved OLED since it was first in market, but with the addition of more custom controls and info about your gaming experience.

At it’s heart, the LG OLED C1 range is the better in the “Good, Better, Best” equation for LG OLED TVs.

The A1 is the entry level, offering that perfect picture available only on an OLED panel.

LG’s OLED range is really easy to judge, because the higher the TV model is in the Alphabet, the better it is. The Z1 for example is the 8K model, the G1 is really a C1 in a fancy box that is made to be wall mounted in “Gallery Mode”.

Back to the C1, and why it’s great for gamers?

Oh that’s easy – 4 HDMI 2.1 ports – variable refresh rate (VRR) support, and a 120Hz refresh rate. This is music to the ears of gamers.

And it’s awesome because when playing a game, you press the settings button and up comes a gaming only menu interface.

Here you can choose the style of game you’re playing to get settings to suit, and even adjust things like the black and white levels to get the right picture for you.

An OLED panel is impossible to beat for that black to colour contrast. It shows so much in darker games like Call of Duty, while in a bright vibrant game like Forza Horizon – it’s just mind blowing how great that 120Hz refresh relaxes your eyes.

As at the time of writing, the C1 range starts around $2500 for the 48 inch model. The one we’re testing on our gaming rig is $2795 as it’s 55 inches.

You can get a staggering 83 inch model for a mere $8995 – but holy hell that would look stunning.

I know these prices aren’t for everyone, but there are plenty who want the right experience.

If you’re dropping big coin on a new Xbox, and even coin on a gaming rig like seat and wheel, you may as well invest in the best.

Plus, the upward benefit is you’ve got the best Tv to then watch movies on too.

They’ve gently updated the design of the magic remote this year finally, it still works the same but doesn’t look as funky – which is a good thing, but the stand for the TV remains the centre mounted grip along the bottom of the TV and it looks great, simple and minimal.