The Google Pixel 6 is coming. When exactly we don’t know, though Google pre-announced the phones existence last month. If you’re interested in grabbing a Pixel 6 when they are available though you may want to keep an eye on the birthday sale on the Google Store this coming weekend.

Google is turning 23 this month and we’re getting the presents in the form of Google Store discounts and part of that is an ‘offer’ on the upcoming Pixel 6 if you buy something during the sale.

Exactly what you have to purchase, how much is the minimum buy or what the offer is for isn’t mentioned, though there are some terms and conditions on the site with some details.

To start with you have to make a purchase from the Google Store between the 25th to 27th of September to qualify, with a voucher being emailed out after the 30th of November – pretty much confirming the phones will be here by then – and used by the end of December this year.

Presumably it will be a discount on the Pixel 6 (or Pro) itself, though it could be for an accessory like one of their new cases which Google showed off in their pre-announcement, or even an updated Pixel Stand wireless charger which has been rumoured.

You can’t transfer the code, so if you’re interested in a Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro then you should probably at least have head over this weekend to see what pops up on Saturday. You can sign up on the Google Store for reminders, which should prompt you to check it all out when the birthday deals go live.