Oh Damn, that’s going to hit the wallet hard. Lego knew I loved the Nintendo so much they’re pushing me to get this awesome new kit which hits LEGO stores on October 1. It’s a Super Mario 64 Question Mark block, but inside, is a whole world of Mario.

Twenty Five years since the launch of the iconic Super Mario 64 game, this ? Block set is a real treasure trove of retro joy.

While at a glance it’s just a big yellow LEGO block with a white Question Mark, it opens up and inside reveals a bunch of levels from the game like Peach’s Castle, Bob-omb Battlefield, Cool, Cool Mountain and Lethal Lava Land.

It’s a great way to rekindle your love for Mario, which is all the rage this year it seems after TAG’s epic smartwatch a couple of months ago.

Pablo Gonzalez Gonzalez, Senior Designer at LEGO said “We know how much Super Mario fans have loved the LEGO Super Mario experience, and wanted to tap into even more elements of the traditional game play capturing the immersive play experience of Super Mario 64,”

“It’s difficult to imagine the Super Mario Universe without the classic game’s iconic levels full of discovery and secrets. With this amazing set, we’re building on the exciting play experience of LEGO Super Mario, both to bring a bit of nostalgia for those who played the Super Mario 64 video game, but also to introduce these wonderful levels to a whole new audience of Super Mario fans.”

Looks like an Epic build – 2,064 pieces, including Mario, and a bunch more microfigures and the four gameplay areas.

Launching at LEGO stores on October 1 and in other retailers from 2022 – it will set you back $289.99