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Work can get too much, pressures around you can become overbearing, and a weekend escape may be the right thing for you. But unless you’re prepared to drop everything and go it can seem impossible. We have five tips to make the quick getaway easy.


Jervis Bay

Install Apps

You’re ready to take a break, where do you start? Pull your phone out. Download these apps to help you plan:

  • Uber: Such a simple way to organise your getaway car, whether it is to the airport or a hotel, click and go.
  • HotelQuickly: currently just for Asia Pacific you’ll find hotels (3-5 star) which are having large discounts on rooms bookable within two nights. This app is purpose built for spontaneous trips and will hook you up with a good deal in whichever area you choose. We’ve seen savings over 40% at some great hotels – even on weekends.
  • Zomato: we’ve spoken about these guys here before however a worthwhile app for finding a good place to eat at your destination.

Pack Smarter

Ask Siri a quick question “What is the weather like in Queenstown?” and use that as a guide. Throw essentials into a bag, think about what you REALLY need. Sometimes you’ll be able to get by without multiple pairs of shoes, pack light – it may save you in check-in luggage at the airport if you’re heading overseas or interstate for that quick break. Plus, it’s one or two nights, keep it simple.


Passport Check

That small book you keep in your drawer, well the one next to it is your passport – is it up to date? Taking a spontaneous trip to New Zealand wont be happening if you dont have multiple months left on your passport. This varies by country so check this before you book tickets! Keep it up to date and you can run through airport security with ease.

Be Insured

Yes, the fun police here. Better to be safe than sorry. Anything can happen when you travel, many might not be in your control, be insured. Did you see how the people stranded from the Bali ash clouds recently? Many people lost a stack of money from hotels and flights that were unreachable, don’t be that person on the news sobbing about it. Get covered. Some travel insurance companies have great deals on 12 month travel insurance so you could literally go anytime without thinking about it.

Dollars, Yen, Baht

Having the money for every currency is really hard, silly and expensive. No one will have all currencies in their desk drawer for a random trip. What you can do though is get a travel card. It will work in most countries and can be topped up in minutes to the currency you are heading to. The fees are lower and you can get this sorted while waiting for your flight.


Add any of your own spontaneous travel tips below!