Nintendo will launch their new OLED Switch next month, but if you’re already a Switch owner there’s still some new stuff for you with a new firmware update rolling out now adding Bluetooth support.

The update is adding the ‘ability to pair Bluetooth devices for audio output’ letting you pair headphones, earbuds or speakers to your switch.

According to the support page, turning on Bluetooth Audio does limit you to just two controllers while you’re using it, but returns when you switch it off and you can’t use the Bluetooth Microphone once you pair either.


As you’d expect, Nintendo has made pairing your Bluetooth Audio devices to the Switch a really simple process. Firstly you’ll need that Firmware update – Version 13.0.0 – which you should have either received, or be prompted to update when you turn your Switch on. If you don’t head to Settings > System Update and then let it do its thing, which includes a restart.

Once your Switch is restarted, it’s time to pair a Bluetooth Audio device. Go into Settings > Bluetooth Audio and select Add Device to start the pairing process. You will need to put your Bluetooth Audio device into discovery mode, but that’s about it.

Using Bluetooth Audio

Once paired, your games, videos and any other content played on the Switch will send the audio over your Bluetooth connection.

Volume Controls

Of course once your Bluetooth Audio device is connected you’ll need to control volume. If you’re lucky you’ll have some on-device controls you can swipe or rotate to change the volume, but if not controlling it on the switch is easy. Simply long press the Home button on your left JoyCon to bring up the volume slider which you can just slide up or down to your preference.


You can of course choose to disconnect the Bluetooth Audio device if you want to use the internal speakers, or you can just remove the device from your Switch memory – but you can have up to 10 devices paired, though you can only use one at a time.

To disconnect or remove a Bluetooth Audio device simply go to Settings > Bluetooth Audio and select your Bluetooth Audio device then choose either Disconnect from This Device or Remove Device.

I was able to continue using the Bluetooth earbuds while the Switch was docked, which can make for quite a nice peaceful change to gaming at our place – and at yours too. The Firmware is available for the Switch now.