After launching overseas in a bunch of places, the time has finally come for Aussie gamers to embrace the cloud with Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming platform launching October 1 here in Australia.

After a private trial, and some serious upgrades to Microsoft’s Azure cloud infrastructure, Aussie gamers now have access to over 100 games without even needing to own an Xbox.

Yep, you can play Forza Horizon 5 the day it comes out, just by having an Xbox Game Pass subscription.

Cloud gaming is more than just cross platform, this is a completely new way of approaching the gaming experience.

You need to think of it as Microsoft having installed thousands of Xbox Series X consoles in a data centre, you just launch an app and what you do on the “xbox” is streamed to your device. What you’re seeing on screen is an output from that cloud Xbox – you don’t even need to install a that cool game you want onto your device!

Xbox Cloud Gaming can be access on Windows PC’s, Android phones and tablets and Apple phones and tablets.

For those with an Xbox your Cloud access is an extension of your console gaming, with save game progress without the need for a high end gaming setup or laptop. In fact, the specs required aren’t all that high at all.

I gave the example of Forza Horizon 5 – a brand new game, hotly anticipated, but when it launches it will be part of the Game Pass library, and as such, will be playable on Xbox console or your own device from day 1.

Telstra is using the launch to continue their commitment to gaming. Having started offering consoles a short while back, Cloud gaming is a great example of the need for decent internet, so through Telstra NBN and of course Telstra 5G there will be lots of opportunities to game.

The telco is also offering the first month free to Telstra customers who sign up for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (normally $15.95 a month) which gives you access to Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Telstra will also sell the Razer Kishi gaming controller for Android, and soon the Backbone one for iPhone