Apple has today introduced a new lower cost Apple Music subscription plan aimed squarely at users in the Apple Ecosystem.

The above prices are US prices, but you can see the “Voice” plan is half the price of the standard Apple Music subscription.

While titled “voice” and aimed at enhancing the Siri experience, it is a full Apple Music subscription accessing the full library of songs and playlists, but with just a few tweaks.

Firstly, there’s no access to the lyrics while listening. For many – not a deal breaker I’m sure.

Secondly, there’s no music Videos in the Voice Plan. Again, not a deal breaker, though If Apple enhances the amount of video in the individual plan this could be a great way to push people to upgrade.

In terms of quality, there’s also no spatial and lossless audio on the Voice plan. These are big leaps forward in music quality from Apple, to rival Tidal’s Lossless master quality.

And finally, Apple Music Voice Plan is only available on Apple Devices. So you can’t use Apple Music Voice on PC or Android.

Those with a “Voice” Subscription won’t get the same Music App on iPhone, instead, they’ll see a more Siri focused app, with suggestions of what to say, and how to ask for songs. Gone is the type to search functions this one is all about voice.

Apple Music Voice is set to be a game changer for music subscription – offering the most affordable library of ad-free music on the market.

This new plan will be available soon, and will cost $5.99 per month in Australia.