Apple’s Airpods were announced five years ago and like many Apple products, they didn’t create the true wireless earphone category, but they gave it a shot in the arm to the point where it is now one of the biggest consumer tech markets. Today, Apple announced the third generation Airpods.

The original Airpods haven’t changed since launch, though a second generation did add a Wireless charging case.

AirPods Pro did bring a smaller new design with noise cancelling, but the entry level product has aged compared to the rest of the market.

Today, Apple announced the third generation AirPods which will sit below the Airpods Pro while the second generation Airpods will remain on-sale as the entry level product.

Key features of the new AirPods are the new design which mimics the AirPods Pro’s smaller form factor.

Additionally, they are sweat and water resistant, and allow for the latest Spatial Audio for the best music quality ever.

The new Apple custom driver also allows for Adaptive EQ adjustment, while also improving overall battery life.

AirPods (3rd Generation) are priced at $279 in Australia. Second Gen AirPods remain on sale at $219